Testimonials in full...

‘She just gets me’ Client age 5

‘A few years ago I suffered with depression. Through the majority of that time to the present, I have been going to see Marianne every week. Being with her is almost my escape, my safe place where I can go and talk and create or just sit and watch the world go by. Marianne is one in a million in my opinion. She has helped me through various rough patches but has also made a huge difference in the Review meetings with my Parents and I.

Marianne’s respect, and the respect I have for her, is one that will stand with me forever as I feel that we have formed a close bond and I trust her with my Client confidentiality.

Her words are true, her interest is real, her heart is big and her understanding is unlimited.

Looking back on everything, I know Marianne has played a huge part in the rebuilding of my life, strengthening of my confidence and the positive changing of my mental state and train of thoughts. I am honoured to say I know Marianne Adams and that I can call her my friend.’ Client  age 17

‘Marianne has worked with our foster child for a year and a bit. I was amazed at how quickly their connection developed, mainly due to Marianne’s warm personality and her innate empathy and understanding of where the child is at. Our child adored going to Marianne as it was their special time and a place where she could say what she wanted without having to worry about upsetting anyone!!

Marianne’s reports (for Statutory Review Meetings) validated what she was experiencing and it gave her an ‘adult voice’ where her views were taken seriously. I would strongly recommend Marianne to be able to help if your child is feeling impacted by adult decisions and is lost in the madness of an adult world.

NB Watch out for messiness, so bring old clothes!!’ Foster Mother

‘Marianne has been a great support to our daughter, and indeed to us over the past two years. They have formed a strong bond and she continues to make steady progress. Marianne always welcomes our input, whilst respecting the confidential nature of her relationship with our daughter. The regular Review sessions, which involve us also, are particularly helpful, when Marianne’s calm and non-judgemental approach puts everyone at ease.’ Father

‘Marianne has always been very professional in her approach to work. The success of her therapeutic interventions in complex cases speaks to her skills and sensitivity.…. I feel that she would be an asset to any service’ Senior Clinician