Multicultural Family Art Therapy Publication

How does the family art therapist understand the complexities of another’s cultural diversity? What are international family therapist’s perspectives on treatment? These questions and more are explored in Multicultural Family Art Therapy, a text that demonstrates how to practice psychotherapy within an ethnocultural and empathetic context. Each international author presents their clinical perspective and cultural family therapy narrative, thereby giving readers the structural framework they need to work successfully with clients with diverse ethnic backgrounds different from their own.

Marianne Adams represents Ireland in her chapter

"Keeper of the Hearth"

"Adams’s voice is clear and melodic in this chapter. She begins her chapter stating that she “has always loved the way the Irish can make the English language dance a jig and spin a reel, the way that Irish myths meander, echoing the interweaving patterns of Ancient Irish artwork, and how the ‘Celtic’ spirit is one which imbues the seemingly ordinary’ with the mystical energy that courses through it.” In this chapter, in the author’s case study she writes poignantly about a young woman’s family issues. Adams carefully narrates this case study through a thoughtful development of their therapeutic art space, which is guided by Melanie Klein’s psychoanalytic theory on infant development (1946, 1948, 1959) and enriched with contributions from key object relations theorists Donald Winnicott (1965,1970,1971), Wilfred Bion (1962b), and Esther Bick(1968)."