"Come and Get Me Then..."

In response to working with the trauma, ambivalence, confusion, guilt and shame of children in foster care who may yet be reunited with their birth family, Marianne has created a board game called ‘Come & Get Me Then…’.

In playing the game,  the child sees the fundamental responsibility of the birth parent(s) in the rehabilitation process, and the concrete stages of the journey that they, the birth parent(s) must complete to make reunion possible. It explores the options and resources available to the child and helps integrate both positive and negative experiences of their birth parent(s). It encourages the child to let go of the guilt that prevents settling and becoming more present in their foster home.

‘Come & Get Me Then’ is available to buy or borrow. It is most suitably played by Social Workers with children under their care, (age approximately 4 and upwards). Marianne will design the game cards and pieces for each child’s specific circumstances, in consultation with the Social Worker, and offer supervision if necessary.

Please contact Marianne by telephone, text or email.

‘With good enough support we can all grow through our difficulties’