Art Therapy at Work...

Emotional Difficulties/Trauma
Emotional difficulties are tangles of anxiety that our rational mind struggles to grapple with. This anxiety might have come from the world around us, from inside, or a mixture of both. What we know for sure is that it gets in the way of happiness and trust.

Similarly, trauma leaves us with knots of buried fear, flavouring our perspective with incipient panic, and constricting our capacity to trust, to enjoy life.

We often need more than words to shift these patterns. Art Therapy provides the containment and companionship of a therapeutic relationship, as well as art making - a means of expressing the emotional textures and flavours beneath words. No previous art making experience or aptitude is necessary.

Marianne's Practice
Marianne provides the space and support for each child/young person to find their own pace and path towards trusting her and, their own creativity. This allows eventually, a deeper trust in themselves. She offers sensitivity and skill, a deep conviction of their potential, a sense of fun and adventure.

Within this relationship, the flow of creativity and imagination of a child/adolescent’s artmaking will loosen these knots and tangles. Inevitably it brings echoes of their buried fears into form, as well as proof of their own resources. Thus anxiety becomes gently eased, confidence enhanced, and profound insight becomes possible.

‘Thank goodness - art making constantly reminds us that there is so much more to us, and to life, than what we know intellectually’