Agreements & Fees...


What is shared in a child/adolescent’s individual session, both in terms of artwork and conversation is confidential. Confidentiality will only be broken in cases of actual or potential risk. In any such case the child or young person will be clearly informed of the information Marianne will be sharing, who she will be sharing it with, and why. This procedure will be made clear to all parties at the beginning of the therapeutic relationship and in any event of a breach of confidentiality.

The child or young person can chose to share information or artwork from the therapeutic relationship, and will be supported by Marianne in this process.

Marianne's primary relationship will always be with the child or young person. Therefore, she commits to being transparent with the child/adolescent (in an age appropriate manner) about any conversations she has with their Parent(s)/Guardians or any third party, unless Marianne felt it ran contrary to the child/adolescent’s best interests.


Marianne charges €75 per hour to private clients (Individual Sessions and Reviews constitute one clinical hour).  A sliding scale of €55 - €75 is available.

The hourly charge for Social Services, CAMHS, Child & Family Psychology Departments is €75 per hour.

Report writing will be billed at the hourly rate agreed. Telephone conversations will be billed on a discretionary basis.

Sessions must be cancelled with 24 hours notice or more. Non-attended sessions or sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at the agreed rate. Within reason, sessions may be re-scheduled, preferably with 24 hours notice.

Once a batch of sessions is agreed and scheduled, these stipulations apply.

‘Relationships are based on agreements, when agreements are honoured relationships flourish’